Software Engineer - Eastman Enterprises

Aug 2021 - Jan 2022

In my role as a Software Engineer at Eastman Enterprises, I played a pivotal role in the development of the backend for Popfame. I undertook several notable projects during my tenure, including:

Payment APIs

I successfully integrated both Paypal and Stripe payment gateways into the Popfame backend, optimizing and simplifying monetary transactions for users.


I was the architect behind a Chatbot API that excelled at extracting Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) structures from user queries and efficiently matching them to relevant categories using various classification algorithms. This chatbot was eventually replaced by ChatGPT, and the code for this project is publicly accessible on Github.

Input Sanitization

To bolster Popfame's cybersecurity measures, I designed and implemented a middleware specifically tailored to sanitize user inputs. This proactive approach safeguarded against a range of potential threats, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks.

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